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Belgium TechDays Slides and demos, and my travel schedule

I came back from TechDays in Ghent, Belgium yesterdays, where it's been a quick 3 days for me. I didn't have a lot of time to do any fun stuff, since I was going over all my demos and such (couple of new presentations).

Here are the slides and code from my talks:

  • Deep Reflection: What's cool and hot in Reflection 2.0 and 3.5 (slides and code)
  • Unit Testing in .NET 3.5: From Windows Workflow and WCF to ASP.NET MVC (Slides and Code)
  • 10 Things to know in .NET 3.5 and what we can learn from them (slides and code)

Here's my upcoming travel schedule:

  • ALT.NET Gathering in Seattle Apr 17- 21
  • DevTeach Toronto May 12-16
  • TechEd US June17 - It's my first time speaking there, yay! I'll do three talks on unit testing and testability.
  • Norwegian Developer Conference June 17-18, smack down on my birthday, It should be a great time to be in norway!
  • TechEd Barcelona in early nov. (no date yet)

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