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Looking into VIM and ViEmu.

I'm a keyboard junkie. After having seen this little screencast about Vim, I recently installed ViEmu for Visual Studio, Word and Outlook.

My final thoughts after a month or so with it:

  • In Visual Studio I felt more productive with Resharper so I removed viEmu from VS.
  • In Word- I can't live without it, especially when writing while flying. It is a life saver.
  • In outlook - I don't use outlook much anymore (Gmail!) so its not relevant for me.


In Visual Studio, Resharper does a lot of the things that ViEmu is known for: especially navigation. The thing is, Resharper "knows" the code much better than ViEmu (which just knows text - which is why it works magic in word) and thus I felt as productive with both, with some of ViEmu "overriding" resharper's shortcuts a bit annoying.

In Word - I have used it for editing and writing my book.  It was much more productive, but the learning curve was hard. I'd continue to use it in Word, since it does make editing text much fater (especially the navigation and search features)

For another POV, check out JPs post.  I've also installed gVim instead of notepad.

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