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Non Paged CLR Host

Sasha and Alon have released an open source project called "Non Paged CLR Host" which has the following benefits(quoted):

  1. Applications will benefit from no paging during normal operation.  Even if other applications are actively allocating memory, allocations performed under the non-paged CLR host will be locked into physical memory.
  2. No paging will occur when the application is idle, providing a great benefit to low-latency processes such as GUI applications (even if the user has fallen asleep in front of the monitor).  The normal working set management scheme employed by Windows will not affect processes running under the non-paged CLR host.

That's Pretty cool. I've had the pleasure of working on a project with both of them, where CLR memory boundaries are constantly challenged. I wonder if it could benefit from such a piece of code!


If you're not following sasha's blog - you really should.

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