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The legend of free tools

It amazes me that people still feel the need to solve things in the hardest way possible simply because it is “free”. In this thread, a guy wants to setup an automated build for his company a a demo of how good it can be, and the proceed to dive into many rabbit holes as possible in his quest to show how simple and good such a solution could be (thanks CCNet and XML – looks like you’re here for good)

wanna show people who simple and clean it is to have an automated build? Get TeamCity running along with FinalBuilder (and you can hook them up to TFS if you like) – get this all running in an hour, and you have a winner.

Oh, but it will cost money? You already saved that money by *not* working for two days on setting this same thing up using the various, shall i say, less-than-maintainable-unless-you’re-ayende tools.

granted – if there *were* indeed tools that come close interms of usability and maintainability to those two in the open source or free world, I would recommend them, but you know what – there arn’t any that don’t require you, as a cost of entry, to pay up front much more than what the “paid” tools cost. and even then, they are not there yet.

Prove me wrong by showing me a UI as usable and maintainable as that of FinalBuilder in the free worlds, or as TeamCity. I’d love to know!

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