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Looking for an Agile developer, again!

We’re hiring. That’s right. you heard me. In the midst of all this trouble, we’re looking for one great developer that can join our team at Typemock.

First, you have to live in Israel.  

How to submit your CV

If you’re an Agile developer with lots of .NET Experience, you’re welcome to send your CV to royo the extra space in the middle) with the subject “Agile developer”. (If you don’t know what an Agile developer means, it’s a sign you should not submit). C++ knowledge is a very big plus.

*What* you can expect to be working on

(experience in these specific fields is a plus, but not needed):

  • Deep .NET Reflection stuff
  • CLR Profiler APIs (some C++ may be required)
  • Visual Studio 10 Plugins and Extensibility
  • Working on an open source AOP Framework and it’s subsidiaries
  • Create great APIs and frameworks for unit testing
  • many many other things (which I can’t divulge right now)

*How* you can expect to be working:

  • 1-2 week Iterations (we use ScrumP : XP and Scrum)
  • Working with lots of whiteboards
  • two screens for each developer
  • Pair programming about half of the time
  • Lots of heated discussions about technology and design
  • playing lots of foosball
  • working side by side with unconventional devices
  • Having an automated build and continuous Integration process
  • Lots of Test Driven Development (test first!)
  • A small company with great people
  • Working with task cards board

How we do TDD – Talk today

Unit Testing in VB.NET – with Typemock Isolator (with a free license offer)