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SilverUnit Project Template and new version

SilverUnit 0.5 has been released with some speed optimizations, as well as binary reference to the latest Typemock version 5.3.0.

If you don’t know what it is, SilverUnit aims to allow true unit testing of silverlight objects, without needing to run them in the silverlight runtime or in the browser. It’s for testing only logic, and it’s much simpler to use that Microsoft’s silverlight test framework (which is essentially an integration test framework).

Project Template

If you’ve been working with SilverUnit, you know it’s a pain to setup a “regular” test project that will reference a silverlight project under test. So I followed Jamie’s footsteps and created a Project template installer for SilverUnit. (Unlike jamie’s installer, this one create a regular class library project with regular references to silverlight assemblies)

After installation, you get this nice template in the new project dialog:


this template should contain all the relevant references to start testing your project with SilverUnit (you might need to remove and re-add the reference to the typemock.dll)

you can get it in the latest release of CThru and SilverUnit on Codeplex (0.5 at the moment):


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