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Benefits of TDD and Pair Programming (Course Day #1)

We just finished day 1 of TDD master class in Norway. Here’s what people had to say about TDD and Pair Programming which they did half of the day:


When doing TDD it is:

  • Easier to isolate a problem
  • Probably less bugs
  • Better API design
  • More thinking about what you are writing
  • More tests
  • Cleaner tests
  • Less debugger
  • More confidence in the code
  • Api documentation (up to date)
  • Able to ”move on” to other tasks once finished
  • More focus
  • Code coverage (everyone has 94-100%)
  • Quick feedback when you fail or break
  • Didn't write extra unneeded code
  • Think about requirements of API
  • Easy refactoring

When working in pairs:

  • better Interacting (sparing)
  • You learn something from the other person
  • Good for teaching and mentoring
  • Instant code review
  • Very productive and focused
  • No time wasted
  • Mostly fun
  • Shared code ownership (bus factor)

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