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Warning - Don’t touch MindTouch Deki Wiki

I made the big mistake of hosting my book’s website wiki on MindTouch’s Deki Wiki ( http://*

Why was it a mistake?

I started getting lots of SPAM in the wiki. That in itself isn’t really a MindTouch problem, but how one handles spam in a Deki Wiki is.

  • There’s no way to bulk delete comments
  • There’s no spam-aware way to moderate comments
  • No easy way to get notification whenever my pages were changed (that should have been the default)
  • There’s no easy way to bulk ban or delete users
  • there’s no way to see or remove all comments by a specific user

So, a wiki owner discovers one day his wiki has been turned in a spam heaven – and they have almost nothing to do but go one by one and delete comments and pages. Bad.

I had to literally recreate the site from scratch (using SquareSpace).

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