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Two Cool Typemock Contests

This week we announced two cool contests:

Test Lint is one of our new products, and it’s free. It checks your unit tests as you type them, looking for common unit test mistakes (kind of like what I do in TDD class). for example – missing or multiple asserts. It’s fully extensible too, so you can create your own rules for it. Now you can do that and get your name in the product :)


We want to create a library of customer and user videos of people who are excited about what typemock enables them to do. So we are challenging you to create a movie no longer than 14 seconds to do it in. In exchange you can win up to 50 licenses of Isolator for your company (yes. professional for company-use licenses)

TechEd Israel 2010 may only accept speakers from sponsors

Emperors don’t come cheap