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Seven Features SquareSpace should have added *before* the location widget

after almost a year of waiting for *some* kind of feature to be added to squarespace (i’m quite a happy customer, but it feels like someone forgot to add features after the company got bought!), squarespace has added the “location” widget for showing your recent checking on various services (that was 4 months ago!). 

besides the yawn factor, here are some things way more important than that for existing customers:


  • Add specialized links to ‘approve’ and ‘spam’ comments on the blog, that can be licked directly from the email notification message, so no other actiona has to be done after that
  • Ability to host file storage files bigger than 20MB directly on the amazon s3 cloud (you just “remembered that only up to 20MB allowed??)
  • ability to set url shortcuts to EXTERNAL urls
  • Remove the annoying dialog that says “unable to complete the connection” if you click on some link on the management dashboard while it still loads. 
  • Add more basic themes to choose from (I’ve been a customer for over a year and I see the same themes! I know I can customze them, but it would be a blessing to see more interesting and creative styles there.
  • Add built-in jquery to all pages. yeah. I know I can do that myself, but isn’t the site supposed to make things easier?
  • Add big, birhgt rss and twitter icons as widgets, not just small links
  • Add ability to upload or import or sync file storage with ftp or amazon s3
  • Add built in ability to embed videos firectly from amazon s3 or file storage, with a custom player by SS

 ok. so it’s more than seven. 

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