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Lead Better - Course next week in Oslo

I’ll be doing my “Lead Better” course in Oslo next week. There are 3 places left if you want to join us. 

A lot of what this course is about can be seen at my Five Whys blog.

If you’ve ever tried to convince your team to do unit testing or TDD, but failed miserably at getting them to do it. If you think “no way can my team ever be like those highly productive teams I read about”, or even if you’re just scared enough and not sure what to do next - this course can help you wrap your head around your job as a team leader in software.

If you’re about to become a team lead, or have just become one, or even if you’re an experienced team lead, this course can help master the things no one guides you about: how to drive people, to make a difference, to motivate, and influence the direction and behavior of the people around you.



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