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Video: (part 2a) Building a Go Game Engine with TDD and Pair Programming

I’ve put the whole list of continually updating videos on this Go game over here, so you can watch them form the beginning. There is still much to do, but this is starting to get fun!

In this 30 minutes video, Raymond Lim and I continue to work on the Go Game Engine, but this time we :

  • Start with some simple drawings of our wanted feature set, and create a simple backlog
  • We decide where we want to go next in terms of features
  • We start writing the feature that determines the winner of the game and “komi


You might ask “why are you pairing with Raymond on this anyway?”

It’s simple: Raymond was kind enough to send an email with a question about how to proceed in a specific part of his Go Engine, and in turn I felt it would make an interesting problem to solve as a pair. I did not know Raymond before, but I like to take a risk and meet someone new every once in a while, and pair with them on something I’ve never done before. This time I also got permission to record it. So there.

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