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Coming to America (to do training)

After a long standing bureaucratic battle with the US immigration authority , I finally have a visa to come to the US, and it expires DEC 2nd 2013 (in a few months… I know..)

I would like to make the most of this ability to come visit the US. Legally I cannot charge a fee for doing training in the US, but I CAN charge for the training materials you will receive.

Here is a list of possible trainings. I am also happy to add to that JS Unit Testing And TDD classes, and Ruby TDD and Unit Testing Classes. I will write more about those later today.

So: I am happy to provide FREE training (only materials cost money) to companies in the US in this time frame. If you would like me to come over from Oslo, visit for a few days, and do any of a number of possible training options, or if you would like to arrange a PUBLIC course somewhere, I am happy to arrange it as quickly as possible.

Contact me (and read my payment terms)

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