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RSS feed for SysInternals

If you'd have registered for the Feedable RSS feed, you would have known by now that, among others, I've added an RSS feed for SysInternals. Yep. Now we'll know in real time when new or updated tools come to life.

Sorry I havn't been posting too much the past few days. Been busy with the new site and all. Hopefully, things will go back to “normal“ soon :)

I encourage you all to go to Feedable and suggest a site you'd like an RSS feed for. It's all about “sharing the love“ and already there's lots of cool feeds I hadn't thought about until someone suggested them. SysInternals was one of them! so get creative! Oh and by the way, no need to suggest a feed for WinSuperSite. Since the site is sporting a “less that cool“ ad before you actually get to the content, I can't make the engine parse it. It always gets the commercial. The minute it works, though, that feed will be in there so fast you won't have time to say “Woah! it's Feedable!“ :)



the main feed currently has no publish date. I'll change that when I have some more time. Meanwhile, you should count on the amount of unread items in the feed to know about new stuff. Sorry.


Feedable will be offline a bit

Phew.. art coming your way