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RSS feeds for your pleasure

Just in case you are NOT subscribed to the Feedable RSS feed, I've added some cool feeds the past weeks:

There's some more cool stuff in there, but I'll let you be the judge of that. One possible problem: some of the site have “content blockers” that stop my RSS engine from getting to them. The WinSuperSite feed experienced this for a while but now it's OK. However, the problem returned in case of the Wininformat sites... just letting you know that these feeds could be tricky..

One more thing. I know many of you sent feed requests via the Feedable site. I got them, but some of them might not make air. The big problems with the technology I'm using is that the content that is “scraped” should be consistently written, and some of these sites are not. Other sites are merely hosts for other, private URLs, which my engine can't seem to get to (or is it just my slow brain?).. anyway -It also takes time (depending on the site) to prepare a feed for public consumption and I have many other things on my mind, so.. be patient, and keep suggesting!


Did I mention the Sysnternals RSS feed?

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