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A horrible discovery

I made a horrible discovery today. SharpReader takes nearly 100MB of RAM when it's open (i have 250-300 feeds). No wonder my machine crawls when I try to friggin' compile something in VS.Net! So, I made a tough decision. I closed it. That's right. I'm am feedless.

And you know what? I havn't been this productive in months.

Sure, I'll open it in a minute, but then I'll close it right back. See, I use a little program called MemTurbo. It's not much to look at, but it does two great things:

  • It constantly lets me know how much free RAM I have left because it's in the system tray showing me an exact number
  • It lets me free up RAM (that my OS most stupidly thinks it still needs to keep for itself) with a mouse click.

I didn't start using it today, I'm using stuff like this for a long time, but only now have I figured out what's been haunting my RAM these past months.. my bloody aggregator.

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