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.NET development - Extra tools?

Arthur Warren asked a simple question on the win_tech_off_topic mailing list:

While I'm annoying people with questions / polls, I'd be curious to know what extra tools people tend to use. We're not fully buying into the extreme programming model here, but are at least going to be doing TDD for the next few projects to see how it goes. With that in mind, I'm playing with NUnit; anything else that people use that'd be helpful? NDoc? Log4Net?

What he got back was a big monster list of replies, each of which contained a small gem inside it. Chris Burrows thought the list was too good to forget, so he put up the list on his web page. I agree with 90% of them (10% I never got to use..).  I especially agree with the fact that the The Regulator is in there :)

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