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The Regulator gains popularity

When Clemens Vasters was here for the Israel Tech-Ed 2004, he gave some great presentations (which I really should write here some of the notes I've written about them). Other than that I managed  to grab him for a little chat and also got a chance to show him The Regulator. 
I'm flattered.
One complaint I seem to be getting with the latest beta is about the intellisense. It is a bit too aggressive and I still need to round out some corners with that feature. I'll try to get a version out asap to fix this. in the meanwhile if you want to disable intellisense, just open the file quickmenu.config in the program dir and remove all the nodes for “MenuItem”. The intellisense looks at the first char of the “value” attribute in each node to see if it needs to be brought up. By removing the items you remove the intellisense.

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TDD workshop was great!