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The Regulator featured on MSDN Magazine, and some version updates coming

MSDN Magazine has an article by James Avery called :
I was very flattered to learn that my little adventure into regular expressions,The Regulator,  is named in that respectable list (although the screen shot is totally out of date...)
Thanks for the Kudos. I appreciate it.
Other than The Regulator there are some must-explore tools you will probably need at one point or another, or even on a daily basis. Be sure to check it out.
A few updates on the state of the current version:
  • There's a really stupid problem with the Installer for the .net 1.0 version of the tool: It requires .Net 1.1 to run :) My bad - I totally messed up and forgot to change the required runtime setting for the setup project.
  • If you're running in Non-Admin mode - you'll crash when trying to close it or save a file. I'm working on it to save settings into an IsolatedStorage file, but to make it write a file you'll have to make it trusted anyway.
  • Intellisense still sucks, mostly because the Awesome Edit control donated by Syncfusion is a little lacking in this area. I'll make it work somehow. For now you can disable Intellisense via the general settings dialog.
I'll work on all these issues in the soon coming new version. Got anymore stuff that bothers you about The Regulator? Say it loud and proud in the comments section. Speaking of which, how's the help file? are you happy with it? Does it need more work? Is it actually useful?

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