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A dream come true.. almost

I always knew my blog will get to places. Now it's gotten me into the USA. Well, sort of. People have been dreaming about me, you see. I'm so flattered that I think I'll start to dream about them back. My only wish is that in the dream I was a thin as I appear in *my* dreams, and of course, that I was dressed like Neo and able to fly.

Another funny thing that happened, that can be related into the community culture: I was mistakenly “pulled' into a chat with about 10 other folks. I can't remember who invited me, but suddenly there I was, in an MSN chat with 10 strangers. All of them looked just as surprised as I was. Looking at the email aliases I could recognize at least two bloggers that I know of - Colt and James Avery. While Colt went off the chat in a breeze, I exchanged a couple of words with James (although less than a minute) and it felt a little like running into him on the street, like an old friend. How crazy is that? The sense of community here is pretty awesome IMHO.

Nice Blog.

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