Yes, I agree. Rory runs a great Blog! Wish I could write like that. It makes me feel like I haven't written anything really personal in a while.

I think I was:

  • Too consumed by projects and other stuff
  • I was afraid that posting something personal would bring on the wrath of those whom I've said about that their off topic posts about the PDC make it hard to learn anything new (and I can understand that)
  • I was afraid you wouldn't like me anymore since you're here to read the technical stuff and who cares what I had for lunch or where I played Pool (and got an amazing victory!) or how my car jammed (again!)
  • Felt I had nothing good to say
  • Felt that the PDC is really the thing to be concerend about right now and that people wouldn't even notice my posts here anyway with all the  noiseinformation about LongHorn
  • Was too busy reading other blogs

So, maybe I'll try harder.  Actually, this post is a good start.

PDC eye for the cynical guy

A dream come true.. almost