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Another day, another bombing

Nothing like waking up from a Saturday noon nap and finding out there's been another terrorist bombing. But don't worry ,this is Israel. We're used to it.

The suicide bomber went into a restaurant in Haifa city - one of the major cities in Israel. He blew himself up and took the lives of 19 people. 1 of them was a baby. 2 of them were children. The restaurant has been running for 40 years and is owned jointly by Arabs and Israelis. Both Arabs and Israelis were killed and injured in this bombing. “Jihad“ spokesperson said that this bombing was in retaliation to the fence Israel is building to defend itself from suicide bombers. This weekend has had 45 terrorist Warnings/threats/information. One got through.

But don't worry ,this is Israel. We're freakin' used to it.

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