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.Net Rocks Rocks, INETA, and Starting A User Group


Boy. I have to say, the last .Net Rocks show totally rocked. Julie  - you were great

There was so much talk going on about all the user groups around the world, and all the cool speakers, it re-sparked my old flame - I wanted to start a user group too. In fact, I even blogged about it a couple of months ago. Listening to all these talks really made those thouts resurface, although I still think having a fifth user group with already 4 others competing over the same metropolitan area would be too much.

I still think the VB user group in Israel could do a lot better, and even approached our group leader(who is also a regional director) offering to assist and maybe get some website going. Nothing really happened in that regard. Perhaps I should have tried harder? Perhaps I should just go at it and start consulting the good people of INETA on how to achieve this?

I wonder, If I did want to gather up a group of 10 or more people who are willing to learn new stuff about .net, who will join me? Most israeil developers(AFAIK) don't even know user groups exist. That's just sad. How many Israeli programmers read the main .netWeblogs homepage(I won't even dare to guess how many israeli programmers know what RSS is). I wonder if any of the user group members listened to my advice and started reading these blogs(If you have, let me know!)

Getting back to the show, Carl plays a mean guitar, and on the show before this one played a wonderful quiet piece, which I totally liked. Hey Carl, How about getting some music-only MP3's our way?

On this show, there was a whole band(or was it all just remixing?) with a very funny song about smoking. Heh. These are great interludes. I'd like to hear more about favorite tools by the people they interview, though. Also, the shows seem to get shorter.They used to be 70-80 minutes each, now we get only 60. I'm addicted!

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