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Stop The Silliness

Sure, I could write a long post regarding Eric's post about the future. I could even make it really deep and insightful , so Scoble will link to me. But I won't.

I find it very hard to get real interested in this issue, mainly because it's not really relevant. It's almost like a "flame" post on the newsgroups. Everyone wants to answer the guy, But where's it gonna lead?

Does anyone here believe that by talking about this issue MSFT will somehow change anything in the way that it behaves? Will Open source be any different in 5 years because of these discussions? 

I'd rather open .NetWeblogs and read something technical and interesting, which applies to me.


Speaking of which:

  • I've accumulated quite a bunch of articles and tools in my .Net Debugging resources section.
  • Hey Scott, Blogert is really cool, but is it possible to get a version that runs on 1.0? I'm sure I'm not the only one in need of this...
  • The .Net Desktops contest submission period  will end at the closing of this month. If you want to add your desktop, hurry.
  • I've managed to talk Scoble into donating some (yet to be known) prize, and Mike has also donated a prize, so 1st and 2nd place get something :)

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