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Still Alive

Just wanted to say that I'm still alive, but I am in the middle of so much "stuff" right now, I can hardly find any time to blog about stuff. Hopefully in a few days the situation will settle down a bit and I can continue to spill my guts out.

Meanwhile I'm struggling with my MCP certification, job search, various articles and learning my a** off trying to dive deep into the ADO.NET, the new application blocks and a new application I'm working on.

I'm still trolling .NetWeblogs, but I'll be on the reading side of things mostly. Hopefully, when I get back we'll be able to finish up te .Net Desktops contest(did I mention there are prizes?).

quick notes:

  • FeedDemon is really cool, and no, I havn't run in to any spyware yet...
  • Google Toolbar 2.0 is very cool

I really miss being part of "the loop". I'll be back ASAP

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