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.Net Rocks?

It's not fair to critique a free show, but, I really have to. It's all out of love though.

  • Hey, I love Microsoft technologies, but is it just me or was the show sounding like an orgy of ass kissing from both sides to each other and to Microsoft? I have never heard people talk so much and say so little since I saw my prime minister give a speech about the peace agreements(what agreements?).
  • I want the shows where I got an extra .Net content (The last one with Sam was great) for my listening. Even the shows with the people who helped build the industry (the early ones) were amazing to listen to, but this show had almost no added value what so ever. The whole show was about the .Net rocks show, how Rory is cool, how cool Microsoft .Net is, how cool Carl and Mark are and how cool blogging is and how cool Rory's blog is and how cool .Net is and how cool the .Net Rocks show is... and..
  • "So, Rory.I thought your post about X was really funny....""I thought you post about Y was really funny...." "And let me read here your post...."
  • I do realize that Carl and Mark can and will interview the people they like but I guess this interviewing thing should be a little more than inviting your friends. It should have c-o-n-t-e-n-t. As funny as Rory is, the show had no real focus, and the amount of real content was about 5-10%.  Rory has some great .Net knowledge that wasn't exposed in the interview. Why?
  • Why do we need an announcer for the show?

Some suggestions:

  • If you're going to interview people about non technical stuff, why don't you invite people that would not be preaching to the choir all the time? Sure, it's called .net rocks, but what happened if you invited once in a while people who use completely different technologies(SmallTalk?), or people like Mary Jo Foley or just get up some people from the Mono\Rotor movement? Some new blood into the mix would be great.

And on this note, let me say this : I have all the respect in the world for all the people mentioned here. I think the .Net Rocks show is one of the coolest things out there. I think you need to come up with tougher questions, more interesting questions.

And Mark, I'll miss your voice, Man! Hope you keep being "excited" :)

Congrats to all new MVPs

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