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Scoble on .Net Rocks? Give me a break..

OK. Is it just me or does it sound really ridiculous that Scoble is being interviewed for the NET Rocks show?

I mean, How is Scoble related to .Net development, other that the fact that he knows people who do it? Oh, and he's helping to arrange the PDC. That's cool, but I can still conclude the following:

  •  Scoble is not a .net developer, so the conversation will have to be about other stuff. Let's see, what will it be about? What does Scoble really like to talk about these days? Um, maybe about the upcoming PDC? maybe Longhorn?
  • A lot of stuff (most of it) that's going to appear in the PDC is still confidential, so obviously, the conversation couldn't go that way. So, the conversation,again, will have to be about something else. Um, maybe, how “cool“ Longhorn and the PDC are going to be?
  • Scoble throws names around like they were darts in a dart contest. I bet  we'll get to hear how “cool“ all the stuff he's heard about is, oh but sorry, he can't tell us anything about it, right? We'll have to wait until the PDC to find out.

What are the main reasons a show like  NET Rocks show wants to interview Scoble? Um, could it be all the endless hype? I fear it's going to be a whole show about nothing really. Will I learn anything new from it? I'm guessing not. Reading Scoble in the past month has been excruciating. I might as well sign up for some tech news site, because there's nothing in there I couldn't get anywhere else. He seems to be more involved in linking to other stuff than generating actual content.  When his latest blog just started (after moving to MS) I would read him judiciously. He would write some very insightful posts. But now, it's all about hype hype hype.

I'm tired of it. I'd like to say “unsubscribed“, but I'm not gonna lie to you. I'm gonna keep reading him, just because every once in a long while, he manages to still come up with something I haven't heard before that would interest me. Mind you, that hasn't happened in more than a week.

This may sound like a big flame, but it's not. It's more of a request. Scoble, please go back to the way you used to be. I miss your “real“ writing. Interviewing for the .Net Rocks shows seems silly and artificial. Return to the real you. Don't make the hype be all that you are.


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