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Fun with NUnit - clarification

I just got a comment on my Unit Testing article. The comment was by Manfred Land - the Project Manager for csUnit, and it clarifies some errors and some things I didn't write(or know) about csUnit when I wrote the article:


While in general I liked the article, there are a few things I believe need clarification: you listed csUnit as a commercial tool. This is not correct. csUnit ( is an open-source unit testing framework for the .NET framework. It is available for free under the terms of the GPL.

Also, csUnit does not provide a different mean of expressing tests, but instead supports the identical set of attributes for writing tests. Furthermore, csUnit introduced the TestFixtureSetup/TestFixtureTearDown methods back in May 2003 while other frameworks supported them not before end of September.

In csUnit, using assertions requires less typing compared to other frameworks, especially if you editor supports autocompletion of code. Just have a look at the csUnit.Assert class.

Support for loading multiple assemblies was introduced in May 2003, too, while other open source testing framework released similar functionality in September 2003.

Best regards,
Manfred Lange, Project Manager csUnit


Thanks for the clarifications, Manfred. Sorry for the errors. I'll be looking into csUnit more thoroughly now, but I'm not sure if I'll use it. I still view NUnit as the DE-facto framework for unit testing in .net. However, I may be totally off base here. How many of you use csUnit and not NUnit?

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