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NUnit v2.1 RC1 released

NUnit v2.1 RC1 was released last night on SourceForge.  From the release documentation:

* Support for the .NET framework versions 1.0 and 1.1
* The ability to run test suites across multiple assemblies
* New TestFixtureSetup and TestFixtureTeardown attributes
* Improvements to the GUI interface
* New command line switches for both GUI and Console runners
* Some degree of integration with Visual Studio
* Tests now execute in the same order as they are displayed in the gui.
* Substantial improvements in error and exception reporting.
* Now runs on Windows 98

[via Darrell Norton]


How very cool. I've been using NUnit and the NUnit Add-in for some time now. I find the process of test-driven development amazingly relaxing - from a developer's point of view. Today , for instance, I had to write a class that generates a list of data and then enters it into the database. What's the first thing I did? I created the TestClass for it even before the class had one line of code.

The great thing about the NUnit add-in is that it allows you to write a test procedure in a class, and then just right click in the editor and select “Run tests”. It's that simple. If you haven't tried doing tests before coding - give it a try.

Of course, the other thing (which is the best feature of having unit tests in place) is that once you have a specific feature, or maybe just a line of code added, you can run all the tests you've created with a single click, and really know that nothing was broken. It lets you continue with your work with an amazing amount of confidence. Another thing this allows you to do is be able to make code modifications(i.e “refactoring”) without fear of not knowing what you just caused. As long as you have a test for everything, you can be sure that you'll catch any broken stuff with one click. Of course, if you do find a bug that you're tests didn't find, that even better! You just created another test case to check against, and you'll always know the next time that bug appears and be able to crush it :)

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