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TestDriven.Net version 1.0 is out (with a new site design as well)

Jamie Has Finally released the long anticipated version 1.0 of the TestDriven.Net add-in (Formerly called "Nunit-Addin") and has a brand new spiffy site design to go along with it.
If you don't know what this is you should go and download this immediately. It is by far one of the most time saving and productivity enhancing tools I've seen with regards to unit testing, and can even  be used for various debugging purposes even if you have no idea what NUnit means.
To top all this off, the tool is absolutely free to download and use. Thanks Jamie. Youv'e done a wonderful job with this.
Some of the features that make this a cool-tool in my book:
  • Easily start debugging and stepping into any parameterless method, be it private or public, without needing to create various console projects to drive your code. For example, you can just create a class library project, put a breakpoint on some method in your class, right click inside it, and select "Test with->Debugger". Very cool.
  • Right click and test your Unit Tests (be it Nunit,csUnit, MbUnit) in any edition (2002, 2003 and even 2005) and see the test results inside
  • More stuff inside it, but these are the main things I use every day
(There's a referrer ID in the link above  just so it would be fun to keep track of how many people I've reffered to the site, I do not get paid for this in any way)

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