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Israeli Geek Dinner with Johanna Rothman

Mark your calendars. There's going to be another geek/nerd dinner. And it's going to be on the 7th of December (a week from now).
The guest of honor will be Johanna Rothman.
Johanna is perhaps best known in the blogsphere for the two excellent blogs that she produces, both relating to technology and management: Hiring Technical People, and Managing Product Development. If you don't know these blogs you should start reading them. She writes very eloquently about topics we all should be caring more about, but usually don't have someone to ask about.
Other than that she's authored some very interesting books on these subjects (here and here), is a national speaker in PM events and does talks all around the globe. She'll be coming to Israel for a week, and this is the second time that we will be grabbing her for a chat and a dinner. Last time was very very interesting. So - like I said - mark your calendars.
What's she doing here you ask? She's doing a week's teaching at SELA university. Now here's a question - why isn't Sela doing some blogging? If they had a blog about this I'd be linking to it right now and probably generating some good profits their way. Oh well, their loss.

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