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Test Driven Development workshop news and coming attractions

Just a little something before I go to bed and try to fall asleep helplessly for 3 hours while thinking about tomorrow, which is the first day of my mentoring a C++ group of 3 people in the ways of unit testing for fun and profit (mind you - I have no real C++ background, it's going to be a dialog rather than a monologue where the two sides learn from each other)
I've gotten several emails after the .Net Deep Dive event expressing interest in joining the next TDD community workshop at Magen. That's wonderful. Just letting you know I'm working on a date and will let you know what's up with that. If you want to join these free 3 hour workshops in which you hear a little talk than do a little program hands on using NUnit in a test-driven sort of way email me at TDD at osherove dot com.
If you are interested in attending an Agile user group meeting sometime in the near future, email me to Agile at osherove dot com (I've gotten several emails on that front as well so things are getting warmer in this area)
If your company is interested in doing hands on workshops at your place (that's not free of course) either in Israel or abroad, contact me to Roy at Magen dot Com and we'll talk. Won't be the first time I've done this so nothing to be scared of.
Cheers, and have a great night while I try and fall asleep.

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