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Geek Dinner was juust fine...

Last night, as promised, Addy Santo Gave his talk about InfoPath at the .Net Architects users group. I have to say that for a subject which is “not so sexy to begin with” as a colleague of mine said, Addy made for a very interesting lecture, and I can certainly see a future for this thing.  Some cool demos were shown but the most important thing for me was to realize how easy it was to do some of the things that are so “not so easy as pie” to achieve with today’s tools – stuff like posting to a web service, getting data back, showing it and putting data validation on it. Very cool.


After that we went to dinner at the El-Gaucho Restaurant in Tel-Aviv. We ended up only four people as lots of people who promised they would be there were a no-show. Too bad – you missed out on some great conversation on the inner workings of Microsoft, architecture, gadgets and technology in general (we also talked about other bloggers as if we were a bunch of old women knitting together – I swear that’s what it felt like..)


Anyway, here’s how it looked:

Left to right: Ido Samuleson, Ido Tandy, Myself, and Addy. Before the food.


This is how Addy and me looked after the food.

Yeah, arn’t we two smug, full of themselves fellows? :)

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