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Geek marriage - Episode I

Oh yeah. My wife and I are real geeks(even though she won't admit it for a loong time). The other day we had a discussion about washing the dishes. I found out that she had a totally different way of washing the dishes than mine:

Her way:

  • Initial fast wash all the dishes and put them aside
  • Close the faucet
  • Go through each dish and scrub it with soap, then put it in the sink
  • Open faucet
  • Wash the soap from each dish
  • Put each dish in its place
  • Close faucet

My way:

  • Put all the dirty dishes in the sink
  • Open faucet
  • For each dish, wash and scrub with soap under the running water, than put in place
  • Close faucet

How is this geeky? Well, I went up to her and asked her: “Honey, you seem to have a totally different algorithm than me to wash the dishes. Your algo flow is much less efficient and takes more time than mine.“ to which she replied “Well, my algorithm saves much more water than yours, so it is less wasteful over time and energy spent in that perspective“. I couldn't argue with that. I mean, we both had totally different algorithm “directives“ for each run. Not to mention that my dishes seem to remain a bit dirty when I'm done with them :)

I guess that's what happens when two programmers marry each other. Huh. And it didn't even feel weird at the time!

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