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The predictable history of a programmer (reloaded)

How many of us can say these things on their own "about" page? Probably most , with minor modification. I suggest a global "About me" page, something like the following:


The history of : _________________

_______   started his/her obsession with programming when at around the age of _____ he/she started learning BASIC on his/her computer of type  _______________(_._kb of raw power!).

The addiction has never been kicked and since ______ has concentrated on ___________. When the technology of ________ by _______ first came out, he/she decided that that is the direction they want to follow, and have learned for their _____ title and are now ______ at _______ for the past ___ years.

[this has been taken from my own post from the first month of this blog. Yes. I'm officially out of material, thanks for asking]

perhaps we can make an InfoPath form out of this? Anyway. I thought I'd jump in to the fray with my own little history tidbit. This being history, I thought I'd, again, point to an old post of mine, which tells the story of Telix,BBS, and world domination.


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