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In search of the perfect programmer's font

Fonts Fonts Fonts!
I've always thought that "Courier New" was the new black - the perfect programming font. Yet, I've always had my doubts and have attempted to switch to various other fonts fondly known as "programmer fonts" several times before. Never was I really successfully.
Until I started doing real work on my laptop. Since this was the same laptop I use to do presentations and demos on, I usually have my font on VS set to "Lucida Console" 14, the perfect Demo font.
But out of laziness when I was coding I merely set it down to 12 or 10 and surprisingly, I like it very much.
But, if you're really into finding out what font is right for you, check out this amazing collection of Programmer fonts. Lots and lots in this preview page. I found this via this Forum Post on the Bradbury Software .
Surely, one has got to fit your own needs :)
(more links are available on the forum post)

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