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In search of Bingo

I was just taking a look at the sneak peek video that Carl And Rory have released on to the the world from Tech-Ed.
The first thing I noticed is that the video quality is very good. The second thing is that Rory is funny on video as well.
The third thing is that the “full” video is probably going to be very interesting. Hey you guys should do a montage of the cool stuff on the video (like a trailer).
Anyway - the movie is nice, but it runs much deeper than a couple of guys talking about Steve ballmer and making faces for the camera. It does, haven't you noticed? Sure it can be called “Carl And Rory's day out on the town” but if you really dig deep into the movie and look for the real plot, you'd see that it can also be called
In search of Bingo”. Notice at the end of the movie there's a girl named Tanya that Carl signs her RD bingo card? look closely from the beginning of the movie through out. Look behind Rory's back as he speaks. Try to hear the voices:
In Search of Bingo
Act 1 - proper introductions:
Tanya speaks to some RD and is asking him to sign her bingo card. She then asks him if he knows where she can find the other RDs on the card.He points to two directions, to the left of Rory and to Carl as he's talking to the camera.
Tanya: “.... Sign this...”
RD: Sure......
Tanya: ...Where can I find....Alright
RD: [Points o Carl] He's on the card [points to other person] He's on the card
Tanya: [looks at Carl suspiciously] Him? [looks at card again]
RD: Yep.... [points at her card]
Tanya: Oh!.... oh! it's the same row!...
[Carl and Rory keep talking, while the RD explains to Tanya how Bingo works]
Tanya: Alright, thanks!
[continues on to the next RD to the left of Rory and gets an autograph while Carl and Rory talk some more]
Act 2 - the reckoning
[As Rory does his second Ballmer impersonation, Tanya looks shyly at the camera]
Tanya turns to Carl: Can you...
Carl: Oh sure! [signs]
and the rest is history.

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