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I've been contacted...

I always thought I was a pretty regular guy, You know - get up, go to work, come home, watch TV dude. But lately I've been getting contacted by all sorts of very high ranking people. And by high ranking I mean really high ranking. Royalty ranking.  Why Just this morning I was contacted by Daniel Kabila the son of the late Democratic Republic of Congo President Laurent Desire Kabila . He needed my help with some money problem he had.
But that's not all. Just a few days ago, another royalty from Congo, this time a respected leader who is fleeting the country, asked for my help with some financial matters (I cannot say say who and what - I promised!).
And here I thought the world was a cold lonely place. Obviously lots of royalty are developers in their hearts. They have read my weblog and decided that who else but a developer from Israel would be able to help them. Sure, I can see that. In fact, I'm having some issues with my mortgage and am seriously considering contacting some poor sap in.. I don't know, Spain? to help me with them. I'm sure he could help.

In search of Bingo

The Regulator 2.0.3 - *finally* with a help file!