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The Regulator 2.0.3 - *finally* with a help file!

It's finally done. I took the time and made a Help file for The Regulator. It's now bundled along with the new version up on SourceForge - 2.0.3. Go get it.  You can also download just the Help file as a separate zip file is you really want to.
The help file also lists some of my Regex articles and other resources. Do you have an article you want to contribute to the Regulator Help file? drop me a line and I'll see if the article fits in content-wise. If so, I'll put it in the next version along with a nice credit in the help file. How's that?
Mind you - the help integration was the only change in this version. SO if you have version 2.02 the you already have the same functionality - but non of the cool help file tips & tricks! (including keyboard shortcuts...) 

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