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The Regulator 1.02b is out

Download from GDN workspace, or get there from the Regulator Homepage 

I'd like to thank Mike Gunderloy and SBC for giving me lots of feedback on needed features and broken things. I'd appreciate more feedback from everyone on this (see the “help->comments/suggestions“ menu for easy access from the program itself).  The more feedback I get, the better features we all get.

Your help needed:  I'm looking for anyone who would like to contribute articles/references they have written about regex to be included in the Help/reference file that I want to add to the regulator. I ultimately want this to be a central place to look for help and references on regex subjects (with the web service integration this should be pretty powerful). If you'd like to contribute anything of yours, please contact me or leave a comment on this post. Together we can make this a cool community project that everyone benefits from :)


What's new:


on the first use with this new version - "settings.config" file will be OVERWRITTEN . this means losing your recent documents list and proxy settings and all other user settings such as regexlib identity. This will only occur once. 

This version is less about new features and more about “finishing touches” and filling in the blanks.

-added:   Settings file is now encrypted
-added: each document will now show its file name(if saved) in the tab header
-added: open/save dialogs now have "all files" option as well.
-added: the ability to put tabbed documents into "groups".
    Just drag a document tab to the right or bottom of the screen and wait a second for the menu to show up.
-added: most editor settings such as font, fore color and others    are now saved between sessions
      (right click on active text editor and select "options")
-added: docking windows state is now saved between sessions

-fixed:   bad Form size settings were saved when form was minimized which caused it to load invisible
-fixed: visible but collapsed panes were not activated on shortcut keys
-fixed: perf chart would sometimes show matches and replaces without context
-fixed: Perf chart now shows better formatted numbers
-fixed: initial tree node selection after running a match would sometimes not be at the root node

-modified: Docking panes are now using Syncfusion controls instead of Magic controls
-modified: "Toolbox" is now called "snippets" both on menu and on pane
-modified: Minimize to tray is now turned off by default
-modified: Context menu on web search form reformatted for better description of actions

Making the F-lock key on your MS keyboard ON by default

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