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[Tool] Introducing The Regulator - advanced regex tool

Yeah, I've been away too long, but here's how I'm making up for it:

Introducing The Regulator

Introducing The Regulator:

An advanced regular expression tool with expert features such as:

  • Syntax highlighting and folding
  • Multi threaded operations : ability to cancel long running expression matches and replaces
  • Search and import expressions and examples from’s database, all this from within regulator
  • Regex snippets: an easy and simple toolbar of frequently used text snippets
  • Minimize to tray
  • Ability to select part of the regex text, and only that part will be used to run the match or replace (kind of like SQL query analyzer)

Click the pic to download.

The Regulator uses nothing but free/organic components:

  • ComponentOne Toolbars ,menus and FlexGrid (from the VB resource kit)
  • Magic library (the early free version)
  • The SharpDevelop Text control for syntax highlighting
  • Standard Winforms controls


The Regulator won't be available while I sort this GPL thing out.

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