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The Regulator won't be available while I sort this GPL thing out.

Following the recent discussions about the legal status of The Regulator in terms of the GPL, I've decided to take down the public release of the program from GDN until:

  • I can make it fully GPL compatible (i.e, releasing the source and resolving having non GPL components in there at the same time)
  • Or use a different component for text editing (I've contacted SyncFusion for perhaps donating their Essential Edit control for this purpose, since it looked very professional in Snippet Compiler.

Having said that, I can say this:

This totally sucks. I might be in a bad mood anyway, but this totally sucks. What happened to the days when people just wanted to make “free stuff”? If it's free, why the hell does it have “terms”? Yeah, it's childish and stupid to say that, but isn't this situation bizarre?


All is ok now, we got ourselves a brand new edit control. Look here for more details

The Regulator is BACK!

[Tool] Introducing The Regulator - advanced regex tool