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Full source for The Regulator released

I finally got around to release the full source code for The Regulator. Up until now the source code was partial and included mostly just the plugins for it. Now you get to see what a sloppy coder I really was when I dreamed up this thing, and the stages I took from making it from a simple GUI  to a pluggable architecture of GUI and logical plugins.
There's lots of code there that I would do differently today. for example, the whole threading thing in the GUI I would change to use the BackgroudWorker that Juval Lowy wrote. Many more things like that.
In any case, have fun mocking me :)
Note that I use a lot of 3rd party libraries such as ComponentOne's Toolbars and Syncfusion's Edit control. You'll need those to be able to compile. (C1's components were free as part of the VB resource kit you can download. SyncFusion donated their control. it's not free.)
I'm trying to find time to make a new version. Hope that'll happen soon.
Why did I decide to release it now? mainly because I got an angry email from one of the SourceForge.Net admins asking whether what a complaint from an end-user to the site is true; that  the project was released without source code. I explained that it comes with *partial* source, but if that's what's going to make them happy, I'll add the source now. Since I was planning to anyway, Just didn't feel very confident about the way the code looks, this wasn't an issue.  In fact, I welcome this catalyst as an opportunity to give more to the community. Sorry it took so long in the first place.

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