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[Tool] The Regulator 1.02a is out

Version 1.02a released!

Features: integration

  • Search and import expressions and examples from’s database
  • Post your own regular expressions into regexlib's database, direct from The regulator using a graphical wizard
  • Full Proxy support for secure connections

Text Editing

  • Syntax highlighting
  • Multiple document tabbed interface
  • Quick menus allow you to easily select syntax operations to insert
  • Quick Menus are fully customisable simply by changing a simple xml file in the program directory
  • Brace matching support
  • Make selected text "escaped" to match a specific string exactly without needing to manually write those \s,\n and other escape sequences
  • Collapse/expand selection: you can create collapsible regions in your regex code for easy reading
  • Select only a portion of the expression in the editor and only that selection will be executed as a match\replace

Performance analysis

  • A graphical chart of the latest matches/replaces timings shows you if your optimization efforts are working
  • an exact number (in milliseconds) of last match/replace operation

Expert Snippets

  • An easy and simple toolbar of frequently used text snippets is always handy for hard to type expressions
  • The snippets toolbar is fully customizable and any snippet can be edited/deleted or you can just add your own
  • Inserted snippets that contain the "<>" signs will automatically make the text editor set the selection between those signs, allowing you to make generic snippets that save you typing time

    General usability features

    • Multi threaded operations : ability to cancel long running expression matches and replaces
    • Minimize to tray option
    • Recent files menu
    • Other small features
  • Please, NO SPOILERS

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