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Building a home media center - Here's my parts list

I'm starting to put together the next version of my home Media Center. If you're living in the U.S the following list may sound a bit of a "that's all"-ish, but consider the following:

  • Electrics in Israel cost mostly as at least double than they do in the US (very high import taxes)
  • Our living room only provides a 3.3 meter viewing distance from the TV


  1. TV: 32" AOC, HD Ready, 6.5 MS, 1:1200

Machine: Main points:

  • I'm building it from scratch with the following parts
  • The goal is to achieve a receiver like look and a very very quiet system that does not interfere while watching a movie in the living room (this will be sitting next to the TV)
  • Should run Vista with Media Center; Games- not that much.
  • I'm looking for feedback on this list
  1. Casing: ThermalTake VC4001SNS Mozart With Media Lab Silver (has a remote and a scrolling VFD panel so it looks like a receiver).
  2. CPU: INTEL P-D LGA775 2.8GHZ 820 800MHZ FSB 2*1Mb DUAL CORE BOX 3Y
  3. Memory: 2 X DDR2 KINGSTON 512MB 667MHZ NON-ECC CL5
  4. Motherboard: ASUS P5B-E P-4/P-D/Core 2 Duo P965 DUAL DDR2 GIGA LAN 3Y (because it supports a coaxial 8 channel audio out)
  6. Hard Drive: SEAGATE Barracuda 160GB SATA2 NCQ 7200RPM 8MB 5Y (Already have an existing 120GB Hard driven which I will  add)
  7. Graphics Card: GIGABYTE GV-NX73T256P-RH GF 7300GT PCI-E 256MB GDDR2 DVI+TV-OUT 3Y (So I can run Vista Easily)
  8. Speaker system: CREATIVE I-TRIGUE 3600SE BLACK (can't find a good review for this anywhere - thoughts? will it fit a living room? strong enough?)

Your thoughts are welcome.

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