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I'm Back, A webcast screwup, and my upcoming talk schedule

I'm back baby!
That is, I Will slowly start to catch up on everything that I've missed in the past couple of weeks. Larkware.Com is my friend on that task.
I FINALLY have some time to start doing all the things I've been wanting to do but was too tied up to do them. Some of those include: Resuming the TDD workshops(yes!), Getting the Israel Agile user group going, Getting some Israel Geek dinners going (Juval Lowey is going to be in Israel on December. I'll see if I can somehow get him to join one of these) and speaking at user groups again.
That's that for the community side. On the work side its *amazing* how many requests for agile lectures and workshops I've gotten in the past too weeks (Many of Magen's customers are starting to "get" it, finally) and that means I have a busy couple of months on my hands. If your company wants training, mentoring or just an overview of Agile methodologies such as Extreme programming, or a short workshop on doing Test Driven Development, don't hesitate to send me an email to "Roy At Magen Dot Com" and we'll talk.
A webcast screwup
Before I detail my upcoming schedule, A little something to the MSFT powers that be:
A few weeks ago some of you may have gotten an email with the upcoming webcast list. It had some serious screw ups, unfortunately:
  • The first two lectures have the same title more or less, but the second one should actually be "production time debugging"
  • There are no links in the ad's pictures of each lecture
  • If you click on the link to go to the webcasts site – there is no mention of these webcasts
Bad, bad MS!
Upcoming schedule:
  •  17.11.04              - User Group Talk, IVCUG: Attributes, Reflection and an intro to Interception in .Net 
  •  25.11.04              - .Net Deep Dive(2 talks):
    • Top Tools Every .Net Developer should Know
    • Test Driven Development with .Net 

What's up?

OK - back for an evening, leaving tomorrow for a week