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My Session schedule at Tech-Ed Europe

Here's the list of my upcoming sessions at Tech-Ed Europe. 
Hope to see as many people from the blogsphere there!
Testing, Testing... (CHT019)
Date: 7 July 2005
12:00  -13:15
(My Chalk & Talk about Unit Testing at TechEd Europe seems to be popular and we're going to schedule a Repeat session so that it won't be too crowded. Here's the current date and abstract:)
In this Chalk-&-Talk we'll try to talk a little bit about some of the real problems developers face when trying to implement unit testing and test driven development in the real world, with real applications, perhaps even with legacy code as part of development. We'll explore some techniques for making legacy code a little more testable (refactoring it, for example) and try to have an open discussion about when and where we might want and might not want to implement unit tests in real world applications. Questions are welcome and we'll try and make the topics go along with what really interests you - the attendees, as we move along.
Look for the repeat session on July 6th (the day before, so it's sort of a "prequel"!) at the same time.
Maximizing your Abilities with Regular Expressions in .NET (DEV390)
Date: 8 July 2005
08:30  -09:45  (early, but worth it! I promise)
In this session you'll learn how Regular Expressions can help you with difficult tasks such as parsing and searching complex texts or even transforming them into various other formats. Regular expressions (Regex) can be used almost anywhere and once you get to know them you can save many coding hours and lines of code to developer applications that deal with text is a robust and scalable manner. I will also show "The Regulator" a tool to help you debug regex which is free, plus you'll see how a cool "Regex Visualizer" for vs 2005 to be used in future development which is also free.
Agile Development Panel(PNL006)
Date: 7 July 2005
13:45 - 14:30
Mr James World, Mr Randy Miller, Mr Andrew Cheeseman, Mr Roy Osherove
This panel discussion will focus on development techniques and technologies. What is Agile Development? What are the problems associated with getting your organization to become more agile?


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