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Session ideas and suggestions for Microsoft Tech-Ed 2005 and future conferences in general

I decided I want to speak at an international conference. You know, something like VSLive! or MS Tech-Ed.
First, a session about Test Driven Development using Visual Studio 2005
Second, a session about Regular Expressions and how they can empower you and your applications
I mean, nothing to lose, right?
(I do consider myself a pretty good speaker, even in English. at the Israel DevDays,  This is what I look like speaking in front of 1,000+ people, and here in front of about 600)<shameless plug ends here/>
Got any other suggestions as to where I should submit my sessions to?
Here are sessions I would personally like to see(if I ever get there):
  1. real world problems and solutions using ADO.Net (for example - how to resolve update conflicts)
  2. Advanced Unit Testing concepts - Mock Objects (hell - I could deliver that one. I think I'll submit that)
  3. Service Broker
  4. Advanced Enterprise Serviced usage using Indigo (or is that mutually exclusive?)
  5. Scalable applications Architecture
  6. A simple scalable application - start to finish (I want this to be a whole lecture where a small application is actually built from scratch using scalable concepts)
  7. Agile development process example using Team Services
  8. Performance Testing and tuning
  9. Creating and using Custom Perf Counters - the road to measurement
  10. optimizing and measuring SQL Server - Not your father's query analyzer (I want this session to show  what exactly is a query plan, how do I make sure it does not suck, and what I should do if it does. For example, the difference between a table scan, a bookmark and a Seek)
  11. Cool stuff you can now do in the SQL-CLR
  12.  Cool Stuff you should NOT do in the SQL CLR
  13.  Top .Net Tools every .Net 2.0 developer should be aware of
  14. Generic Internals
  15. .Net 2.0 new CLR stuff - in depth
  16. Dynamic languages in the CLR - python, Rubi
  17. CodeDOM internals and usages
  18. The Case for Software Factories (into)
  19. Software Factories int he real world (advanced)
  20. Creating and using Domain Specific languages
  21. Code Generation Nation
  22. new pitfalls in ADO.Net 2.0 (and some cool stuff too!)
  23. Queues  - usage, scenarios and a real simple example (in the SQL, in the outside)
  24. Indigo - intro, usage,scenarios
  25. Using indigo for today's tasks (how do we translate needs from tasks we do today to the indigo namespace?)
  26. Design Patterns using .Net 2.0 (intro. usages,scenarios for the most common ones)
  27. Advanced Design Patters in .Net 2.0 (the more complicated ones, like MVC, chain of responsibility, Command+ Undo...)
I could sit for another hour and write these, but will anybody actually listen?

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