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Juval Lowey in Israel

In two days Juval Lowey is going to be in Israel, speaking at the C# user group. I suggest you make the time and get there, since this is a rare opportunity to listen to one of the world's top architects for free. Here's the email I got from Jackie Goldstein the other day regarding this subject:
"I am sending out the announcement of this month's Israel Visual C# Users Group meeting, for 2 main reasons:

(1) The opportunity to hear and talk to Juval Lowy for a few hours is a must-have opportunity for any .NET developer.

(2) I had a large hand in making this happen.  Juval and I know each other for quite a few years, since we are both Microsoft Regional Directors, Microsoft Software Legends, and speak at a lot of the same conferences such as TechEd and VsLive.  When he contacted me several months ago and offered to speak at the IVBUG, I decided to pass the opportunity to the Visual C# Users Group due to the timing - and that the C# group is probably Juval's more natural habitat :-)

Topic: What’s New in .NET 2.0 for the System Developer
Juval Lowy

While the client frameworks and the language innovations of .NET 2.0 got most of the spotlights, .NET 2.0 introduces a wealth of new features in the CLR and the framework itself. These features extend the tools at the disposal of the system developer, and often compensate for missing .NET 1.1 functionality. The new 2.0 features include assembly aliasing and versioning. Friend assembly, application references, new asynchronous call model, new threading capabilities, serialization events and support for versioning tolerance, new remoting channel as well as a secure remoting channel, granular control of code-access security, and the introduction of promotable transactions, laying the foundation for Indigo. This talk presents each new feature and discusses its place in the .NET 2.0 ecology. Solid knowledge of .NET 1.1 system programming is required. in .Net. Using some very cool demos you will see what exactly it allows you to do.

Juval Lowy is a software architect and the principal of IDesign (, a consulting and training company. Juval is a Microsoft Regional Director for the Silicon Valley, working with Microsoft on helping the industry adopt .NET. His latest book is Programming .NET Components by O'Reilly. The book is dedicated to component-oriented programming and design, as well as the related system issues. Juval participates in the Microsoft internal design reviews for future versions of .NET. Juval published numerous articles, regarding almost every aspect of .NET development, and is a frequent presenter at development conferences. Microsoft recognized Juval as a Software Legend and one of the world's top .NET experts and industry leaders.

Although admission is free and you may attend without reserving a place, please do  notify Moshe if you plan to attend so that he can be sure to have enough chairs and FOOD!
Moshe Raab

Juval will also be leading several additional classes and seminars while he is in Israel. For more information go to

The December meeting of the Israel Visual C# User Group

Date:    Wednesday, December 22, 17:00 - 20:00
Place:   Microsoft Israel 
        Hapnina 2  (Amdocs Building) 
        Ground Floor 
        +972 (9) 762-5100  

Parking is parking available at the Kurkar parking lot. Proceed straight past the traffic circle and the parking lot will be on your right.


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Jackie Goldstein " 

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