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Where should I host my interview with Johanna Rothman?

This weekend I finished editing my interview with Johanna Rothman. I think it turned out pretty cool (if I do say so myself) and Johanna is a great interviewee. I was thinking were should I host this interview, and immediately though of two options:
  1.  My own site (i have hosting that will allow this, even the bandwidth)
  2. (which is known for having some great content)
So, before I decided I contacted Doug Kay, the head chief of RDS software and the person who runs and after listening to it, he agreed that it is good enough to host. With some conditions:
  •  I need to cut the interview down to less than an hour (That's cutting at least 10 minutes of good chat), preferably to 45 minutes.
  •  I need to give them exclusive rights to publish (though I retain the rights to publish if they don't) which means I can't post it on my site (with full content) and on their site as well.
So, what do you think I should do?
[Update - perhaps I didn't make the point clear enough. The reason they want exclusivity is because Doug will be spending a lot of time editing, uploading and spreading the material around. It's all free content and they want to attract sponsors. That is less likely to happen is for every show they put out there will be a fuller alternative on another site taking away hits. On the other hand, up to 14,000 people can listen on it if it's hosted over there, and will also get a chance to see a link to my blog, so that can't be half bad. ]

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